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JavuHD is the world's first high definition 2D engine powered entirely by OpenCL(99%) and OpenGL(1%) - It is a vastly superior 2D engine, with stunning performance with a variety of fascinating visual effects, all achieved using OpenCL and a custom cl lib that enables ultra fast 2D operations on virtual VRAM framebuffers.

It requires a good graphics card, such as an NVidia or ATI, but you may have luck using a cpu implentation of OpenCL such as Stream. Performance will vary depending on your type of GPU, not your cpu. Although a fairly decent CPU will help keep things running smooth.

The effects possible range from full screen bloom, to per pixel lighting and bump mapping. The tool uses absolutely no shaders, everything is achieved using OpenCL. Internally the project uses cloo, an advanced but easy to use openCL wrapper for C#.

The entire engine and example set are coded using visual studio 2010 so you will require either the pro or express(Which I use) edition to compile and run, although there are exes in the bin/debug & bin/release folder to toy around with if you are not able to compile.

Also makes use of OpenTK, which is a OpenGL wrapper for C#/.Net. It uses the very latest nightly build, which is almost 2 years more advanced than the version on the website.

Lots of planned features to come too, including a custom JavuC programming language, and JavuIDE to code apps in.

The past

From the Makers of SpaceChimp, GameShop, Xeno3D and PocketEngine, all open source engines on this site.

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